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IFSCC Magazine

This video will introduce the reader to the special topic of the last issue of our IFSCC Magazine (Vo. 25(3)). It is a recording of the interesting Keynote Lecture delivered by Prof. Robert Lochhead at the IFSCC 2023 London Congress.

Issued four times a year, the IFSCC Magazine features papers from leading cosmetic scientists around the world. The IFSCC Magazine is peer-reviewed. The most recent issue and archives (from 2000 on) are available below.

Beginning in mid-2021 we have two equal Co-Editors, Dr. Robert Lochhead and Dr. Kazutami Sakamoto. Also, during the IFSCC 2021 Council Meeting in October 2021 Dr. Nicola Lionetti became Chair of the Publication Committee, overseeing the IFSCC Magazine.

  • Authors in
    • Zone 1 (Europe, Africa, and Israel) and
    • Zone 3 (the Americas)
      • submit your papers to Dr. Robert Lochhead, (note the number “1” in the email address)
  • Authors in
    • Zone 2 (Asia, including Australia and New Zealand, and the Middle East)
      • submit your papers to Dr. Kazutami Sakamoto, (note the number “2” in the email address).

For Author’s Guidelines, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat:

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