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IFSCC Magazine

Issued four times a year, the IFSCC Magazine features papers from leading cosmetic scientists around the world. The IFSCC Magazine is peer-reviewed. The most recent issue and archives (from 2000 on) are available below.
SUBMISSION of PAPERS Papers to be submitted should be e-mailed to both:
  • The Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Kazutami Sakamoto:
  • Chair of Publication Committee: Nicola Lionetti:
IFSCC Co-Editors:
  • Co-Editor Zone 1: Dr. Cristina Carreño:
  • Co-Editor Zone 2: Dr. Tomonobu Ezure:
  • Co-Editor Zone 3: John Jimenez:

For Author’s Guidelines, click here. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat: