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The International Speakers Programme (ISP)

This is our oldest education programme and has been highly successful.

The ISP brings well-regarded international speakers to IFSCC Member Societies.

A program available to all IFSCC Member Societies, the IFSCC’s International Speaker Program (ISP) provides in-person Speakers for educational events at IFSCC Societies. The program originally reimbursed an IFSCC Member Society up to CHF 1,000 towards one Speakers’ airfare, and each Society could have one ISP every 48 months.
During the IFSCC 2022 Fall Praesidium Meetings the Praesidium voted to revise the ISP as follows:

  • Reimbursement of up to CHF 2,000 for all Speaker travel expenses:  airfare, hotel, meals, and ground transportation.
  • It is up to each Society to spend their CHF 2,000 allotment as they wish. A Society can invite a Speaker from half-way around the world, and use all of the CHF 2,000 towards one plane ticket. Or they can invite Speakers which require less expensive travel and have several speakers in the 24 month period.
  • Every IFSCC affiliated Society is eligible.
  • Every IFSCC Member Society can request an ISP every 24 months (down from 48 months).

The technicalities did not change:

  • To request a Speaker, fill out this revised IFSCC ISP request form. The further in advance your request is received, the better. You need time to find a venue, coordinate dates with the venue and Speaker, promote the event, etc.
  • The IFSCC Education Committee will suggest Speaker(s) on the topics you request.
  • A Society is reimbursed after the educational event, and after a properly completed expense reimbursement form is submitted with receipts. Exceptions can be made for Societies without the money to pay expenses in advance.
  • All Speakers supported by the IFSCC must be identified as such in the program, and an IFSCC logo included on the program.
  • If headshots, biographical information, etc. are included on other Speakers in the event program and/or promotional materials, the same must be done for IFSCC Speakers.
  • Photos of the Speaker at the event must be sent to the IFSCC Secretariat, along with information on the event (venue, date, title, number of Attendees, etc.) for the IFSCC newsletter and website, within 10 days of the event.

The IFSCC ISP request form can now be used to request either an in-person Speaker (the International Speakers Program) or a remote Speaker (the Remote Speaker Initiative). 

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