The International Speakers Programme (ISP)

This is our oldest education programme and has been highly successful.

The IPS brings well-regarded international speakers to IFSCC Member Societies.

A program available to all IFSCC Member Societies, the IFSCC pays for the airfare of an internationally recognized expert to speak at a Society’s event. Often the Speaker is the Keynote at a Society’s Annual Meeting. Additionally, sometimes the Speaker may give a less formal speech or lead a workshop.

During time of travel restrictions, the IFSCC offers remote presentations to our Societies. This is an ideal way to add an international perspective to your Society’s event. And there’s no cost to the Host Society.

The ISP is a wonderful way for IFSCC Member Societies to bring in an expert on a topic of interest which is not widely studied in their country. Societies can apply for an ISP every four years.

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