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The International Speakers Programme (ISP)

This is our oldest education programme and has been highly successful.

The ISP brings well-regarded international speakers to IFSCC Member Societies.

A program available to all IFSCC Member Societies, the IFSCC pays for the expenses of an internationally recognized expert to speak in-person at a Society’s event, usually as the Keynote at a Society’s Annual Meeting. Alternatively, the Speaker may give a less formal speech or lead a workshop.

Specifically, the IFSCC will reimburse each Society up to CHF 2,000 every 24 months for international speakers. This money can be used to cover any expense incurred by the speaker: airfare, hotel, ground transportation, etc.

It is up to each Society to spend their CHF 2,000 allotment as they wish. A Society can invite a Speaker from half-way around the world, and use all of the CHF 2,000 towards one plane ticket. Or they can invite Speakers which require less expensive travel and have several speakers in the 24 month period.

In addition, each Society can request a reasonable number of remote presentations each year. There is no cost for this. Indeed, at least a few Societies schedule quarterly remote presentations using IFSCC Speakers. Again – there is no cost to this and it does not impact each Society’s CHF 2,000 ISP allotment.

The ISP is a wonderful way for IFSCC Member Societies to provide their Members with an outstanding Keynote Speaker (or other speaking opportunity) and/or a series of remote presentations, using the IFSCC’s logistical and financial support.

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