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Host Society Award

The Host Society Award for 2021 worth 2,000 Swiss Francs was announced at the virtual Cancún Conference and will be presented at the 2022 London Congress to Luis Serrano, UNAM (México) for the paper: Development and characterization of a co-processed cosmetic excipient based on solid lipid nanoparticles and talc for makeup preparation

The Host Society Award for 2019 worth 2,000 Swiss Francs was awarded at the Conference in Milan, Italy to Vito Rizzi (University of Bari) for his paper One Pot Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Snail Slime For Cosmetic Applications

The Host Society Award for 2017 worth 2,000 Swiss Francs was awarded at the Conference in Seoul, Korea to Eun Bi Ko (AmorePacific Corp) for her paper Genotype-phenotype interaction analysis of skin properties via genome-wide associations studies in 411 Korean females

The Host Society Award for 2015 worth 2,000 Swiss Francs was awarded at the Conference in Zurich, Switzerland to Jasmin Lozza, Daniel Schmid and Fred Zülli (Mibelle Biochemistry) for their paper Magnesium-Carboxymethyl-Glucan: A new Compound to Combat Atopic Dermatitis

The Host Society Award for 2013 worth 2,000 Swiss Francs was awarded at the Conference in Rio, Brazil to Lacerda, Aurea C L; Serram, Maria C; Martins, Airton; Moreno, Paulo R H; and Kaneko, Telma M (University of Sao Paulo, University of Vale do Paraiba) for their paper Raman Evaluation of Statum Corneum Biomimetic Model Membrane for Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Permeation Enhancers

The first Host Society Award in 2011 went to Surapol Natakankitkul, Natthinee Nantalit, Panee Sirisa-ard, Suporn Charumanee and Kiattisak Pholsongkram for their paper Development of anti-wrinkle cosmetic from aril oil of Momordica cochinchinesis (lour) spreng in nanostructured lipid carriers.