Advancing and encouraging science and education of the Cosmetic Scientist is the core mission of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists. To achieve this, the IFSCC has a Science Committee and an Education Committee.

The Science Committee ensures that top level science is delivered to the Cosmetic Industry through Congresses and Conferences around the world.

The Education Committee brings scientific education directly to individual scientists via our IFSCC Webinar Series. Additionally, when travel is permitted, we work with individual societies in their own countries, making world-class education available to scientists around the world. The IFSCC is especially interested in organizing education events in countries where lower incomes make it difficult for scientists to travel out-of-country.

Our main education programs are:

  • IFSCC Webinar Series
  • The International Speakers Programme
  • Education Day (in conjunction with an Spring Praesidium Meeting)
  • Education Workshops (at an IFSCC Conference)
  • Ecaterina Merica Cosmetic Education Programme

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