Improving Your English – NEW!

Many non-native (and native) english speakers would like to feel more comfortable communicating in english. Below is a list a free (or nearly free) remote resources to help anyone improve their written and spoken english communication. Note: these resources have not been evaluated by the IFSCC.


Free online courses offered by


Offered by Georgia Tech (USA):

Write Professional Emails in English

  • 4 week course estimated to take 11 hours.

Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online, and On the Phone

  • 4 week course estimated to take 13 hours.

Offered by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

Business English: Basics

  •  4 week course estimated to take 16 hours.

English for Effective Business Writing

  • 4 week course estimated to take 20 hours

English for Effective Business Speaking

  • 4 week course estimated to take 17 hours

Business English for Cross-cultural Communication

  • 4 week course estimated to take 18 hours

Professional Conversation in English is a USA (St. Louis, Missouri) volunteer-based organization providing online english conversation with a retired professional. $10 for 4 conversations a month.

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