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14 - 17 October - 2024

Foz de Iguaçu

Biodiversity and Cosmetics:
Science for Reaching a
Sustainable Technology
Toucan bird head and beak

Why should you attend the world's best cosmetic science conference?

There are plenty of reasons you should register today for the IFSCC 2024 Brazil Congress at

Attending any international scientific conference will cost you time and money. Why should you attend the IFSCC 2024 Brazil Congress? There are lots of excellent reasons:

  1. You’ll expand your horizons. Attending this cosmetic science congress will expose you to ideas, advancements, issues, and ways of thinking you might not have considered before. You can’t get that staying at home.
  2. Networking Opportunities:  You never know who you’ll meet at the IFSCC 2024 Brazil Congress. There will be formulators, researchers, raw material suppliers, quality assurance professionals, academics, regulatory people – you name it. All gathered to learn about cosmetic science and to meet like-minded individuals, such as yourself. New connections made at the Brazil Congress could lead to research partnerships, job opportunities, increased visibility in the cosmetic science community, etc. You never know who you might meet while waiting for coffee or a drink.
  3. You’ll learn. Not to state the obvious, but there will be lots of science:  keynote speakers, podium presentations, hundreds of posters, and entertaining events including the Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner.
  4. Exposure to diverse perspectives:  Especially at an international conference like the IFSCC Brazil Congress, you’ll be exposed to cosmetic science from scientists around the world. What research are they doing?  What are they most concerned about?  How does their perspective differ from yours? Come to Iguazu Falls to find out.
  5. Professional Development;  In addition to the Pre-Congress workshops you can learn by meeting the Exhibitors in the Exhibition Area.
  6. Inspiration and Motivation:  The natural beauty of Brazil and the Iguazu Falls is guaranteed to inspire you.
  7. Publication Opportunities:  The Editor-in-Chief of the IFSCC Magazine, Dr. Kazutami Sakamoto will be at the IFSCC 2024 Brazil Congress. Have an idea for an article you’d like published in the only international cosmetic science publication focused solely on science?  Speak with Dr. Sakamoto in-person in Iguazu Falls.
  8. You’ll be glad you did. Nothing’s worse that wishing you had done something. Don’t let that happen to you!  Join us at the world’s premier cosmetic science congress – the IFSCC 2024 Brazil Congress. You’ll be glad you did.