Basic Research Award

The IFSCC Basic Research Award is awarded to the presenter of the most meritorious podium presentation pertaining to basic cosmetic research at an IFSCC Congress. The winners receive 7,500 Swiss Francs.


In order to compete for this Award, applicants must submit their full text in English and indicate on their abstract submission form that they want to enter their work for the Basic Research category. Papers must be original.The paper must be presented in person by one of the authors of the paper.

Obligation of the recipient of the IFSCC Basic Research Award

By accepting the IFSCC Basic Research Award the recipient agrees to submit their paper to both the IFSCC Magazine and the journal of their local Society for publication in the first issue following the Congress.


In 2018 this award was presented at the 30th IFSCC Congress in Munich, Germany to:

Authors Ezure Tomonobu

Company Shiseido

Paper  New skincare paradigm targeting the skin anti-aging system, the dermal cell network – “Digital-3D Skin” technology opens up a new frontier of internal skin structure analysis


In 2016 this award was presented at the 29th IFSCC Congress in Orlando, FL, USA to:

Authors D. Velleman

Company L’Oréal

Paper Translating the human hair surface state into sound


This award for 2014 was presented in Paris to:

Authors H. Goto*, H. Ohshima

Company Pola Chemical Industries Inc

Paper Antimicrobial peptide human beta defensin-3 [hBD-3] as a key factor for acne flare-up during the premenstrual stage

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