NEW! – IFSCC Webinar Series

Join our free webinar series featuring experts from around the globe. Keep checking this page for new offerings. Registration required for each individual webinar; free for our 16,000+ individual Members. The next webinar is shown first – past webinars are shown at the bottom. Recordings of all webinars are shown in our Videos and Webinar page of this website’s Publication section, and on the IFSCC’s YouTube Channel.

Dr. Nava Dayan, Wednesday 27 May, from the USA

The Skin Barrier, Viral and Bacterial Infections (click link to register)

  • Times: 7h West Coast USA = 9h Mexico City = 10h NYC = 15h London = 16h Europe = 19h30 in New Delhi = 22h Hong Kong

  • Overview:
    • Physical barrier of the skin
    • Non-physical barrier of the skin
    • Compromised barrier
    • Microbial pathogenicity
    • Insights into skin viral infections
    • Summary

Mr. John Staton, Wednesday, 10 June, from Australia (note: in the Americas, is Tuesday 9 June)

Changes to ISO Sunscreen Standards (click link to register)

  • Times: Wednesday, 10 June: 6h30 New Delhi = HK/Singapore = 10h Seoul/Tokyo = 11h Sydney = Tuesday, 9 June: 18h West Coast USA = 21h New York

  • Overview:
    • Why update the ISO Sunscreen Standards?
    • What the New Standard Means to You.
    • Compatibility of ISO and FDA tests.


Past Webinars

Tony O’Lenick, Wednesday 29 April, from the USA

Minimally Disruptive Formulation for Skin Care (click here to watch recorded webinar)

  • Overview
    • Small “tweeks” can yield big changes
    • What’s Minimally Disruptive Formulation (MDF)?
    • Why MDF?
    • Factors to consider
    • Examples of MDF

Dr. Karl Lintner, Wednesday 13 May, from France

Peptides in Cosmetics (click here to watch recorded webinar).

  • Overview:
    • Peptide Basics
    • Biological Function
    • Use in Cosmetics
    • Skin Penetration
    • Safety and Regulatory aspects

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