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“Understanding the INCI Nomenclature on Recombinant Proteins” with Dr. Mindy Goldstein (PhD Consulting; USA-Canada Society), Moderated by Perry Romanowski.

Wednesday 27 January

7h West Coast USA = 10h Mexico City = 11h East Coast USA = 16h London = 17h Europe = 18h Tel Aviv = 19h Moscow = 21h30 New Delhi = 23h Jakarta

“To name something is to define it”. Nowhere is this more true than INCI names. International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCIs) are the only acceptable option for ingredient listings (and IFSCC presentations, among other things). But where do INCIs come from? Why do we need them? What considerations go into deciding on an INCI? Naming of recombinant proteins present a unique challenge. Thus, this presentation will focus on the complex naming of this growing group of cosmetic ingredients.

Dr. Goldstein is a graduate of New York University, having received her BS, Masters, and Ph.D., specializing in the area of UV and gamma radiation damage to DNA and DNA repair. She has been credited with more than 11 publications in scientific journals and books and has been awarded patents in the area of raw materials, encapsulation and controlled release.

She is currently the Immediate Past President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and was also SCC President in 2002. Over the years she has been very involved in various SCC committees and leadership positions.

Dr. Goldstein has been in the cosmetic industry, working in R&D, since 1987. Positions include Executive Director at The Estee Lauder Company, and VP of R&D and Product Development at Atlantic Coast Media Group. She has also held Directors positions in R & D at Bath & Body Works, Lipo Chemicals and Collaborative Laboratories and now consults extensively within our industry.

Twice Editor for the Journal of Cosmetic Science and currently a reviewer for the JCS, she is a member of numerous professional and scientific organizations. Dr. Goldstein serves as an advisor to Cosmetic and Toiletries magazine.

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“Clean Beauty Debate – is it real, or not? with Dr Nicole Acevedo (Elavo Mundi Solutions) and Dr. Mojgan Moddaresi (Personal Care Regulatory Ltd.), Moderated by Perry Romanowski. Given 13 January 2021.

Is clean beauty just marketing spin?  Or is it the future of our industry?  Hear from respected experts on both sides of this debate, then tell us what you think. Join us for what promises to be a lively discussion. Click here for the recording.








“SPF Testing – How do I know if my results are correct?”, John Staton, The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Delivered 16 December 2020.

Interpreting the results received from your testing lab isn’t as straightforward as you’d like. John Staton explains….. Click here to view the recording.


‘Discovering Cosmetic Science’ – Author panel discussion with Steve Barton, Paul Cornwall, Rachael Polowyj, Jane Cunningham, and Emma Meredith  (Society of Cosmetic Scientists – UK).  From 2 December 2020.

Learn about this extremely useful primer for scientists (and their friends), published  by the Royal Society of Chemists. Click here to view.


“In-vivo evaluation of the efficacy and the safety of cosmetic products: protocols and strategies”, Dr. Adriana Bonfigli, ISPE (Italian Society of Cosmetic Chemists). Given 25 November 2020.

A comprehensive introduction to this topic. A must-see for those interested in safety testing. Click here for the recording.


“Sun Protection – New SPF-methods make UV-protection visible, wavelength by wavelength”, Uli Osterwalder (Swiss SCC), Sun Protection Facilitator GmbH. Delivered 11 November 2020.

As Chair of ISO TC 217 (Cosmetics), Mr. Osterwalder has a unique perspective on alternative SPF methods. Learn about recent advances and the Consortium ALT-SPF which was formed to carry out the ringtests for the validation of the new alternative SPF methods. Click here for the recorded webinar.

“Tips on Improving Emulsion Stability”, Dr.Kazutami Sakamoto of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, originally delivered 1 October 2020.

In honor of the IFSCC 2020 Yokohama Congress, enjoy a replay of this webinar, produced by the New York State Suppliers Day.

Dr. Sakamoto has presented several overseas educational events for the IFSCC which received rave reviews. He is a a distinguished scientist with a long list of appointments and accolades: Guest Professor, Tokyo University of Science Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology Institute for Colloid and Interface Science, and he is a Fellow of the Chemical Society of Japan.

Soon Dr. Sakamoto will become Co-Editor of the IFSCC Magazine, yet another career milestone.


Art Georgalas (USA-Canadian Society) and Judi Beerling (UK Society), Wednesday 16 September

“Ask the Formulator” (click here to watch recorded webinar)

Experienced Formulators answer questions from IFSCC Members around the world.


“The Rheology Guys”, Neil Cunningham and Joey Hodges of the Centre for Industrial Rheology, Wednesday 2 September

“Getting Started with Cosmetic Rheology” (click here to watch recorded webinar), a not-overly serious webinar


  • Foundations of rheology: Non-Newtonian behavior, yield stress, elasticity, thixotropy and modulus in the real world.
  • Cosmetic applications of rheology:  Handling, stability and sensory. Characterizing physical behaviors and the rheology that defines them.
  • Bringing it all together:  Getting the most from your data. Communicating ideas, and informing your peers.

Satoshi Yamaki, Shiseido Americas Corp. (The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan), Wednesday, 19 August

“Advances in Water-Resistant Sunscreens” (click here to watch recorded webinar)


  • The importance of coating film uniformity
  • Existing water-resistant technology
  • Interactions between coating films and water/perspiration
  • New water-resistant technology: producing a uniform film upon exposure to water

Panel Discussion:  “My Unlikely Path to Cosmetic Science”, 3 IFSCC Praesidium Members on how they achieved success in our industry, 5 August 2020

None of these accomplished professionals envisioned a career in cosmetic science. So how did they reach such success? Listen to this panel discussion to find out (click here to view the recorded webinar).

  • Prof. Dr. Vania Leite, President of Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia (Universidade Federal de São Paulo)
  • Katsunori Yoshida, The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan (Shiseido)
  • Emanuele Piras, IFSCC President / Società Italiana di Chimica e Scienze Cosmetologice (Merck Group)


Maite San Miguel López (Chilean y USA-Canada Societies; Miyoshi America), Wednesday 22 julio desde Nueva York, USA

“Adaptándose al Nuevo Escenario Mundial en Torno a la Industria Cosmética” (click aqui por webinar grabado).

Webinar en español (english version to be broadcast this fall)

¡El mundo ha cambiado bastante con el coronavirus! Maite San Miguel López comenta la nueva realidad de la industria cosmética, demanda de consumidores, entre otros.


Perry Romanowski (USA-Canada Society, IFSCC Education Chair), Wednesday, 8 July from Chicago, USA

Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation (click here to watch recorded webinar).  Click here for PDF of presentation.

An introduction to the cosmetics industry, raw materials, and formulation.


Edith Filaire (French Society; Greentech), Wednesday, 24 June from France

The Exposome’s Impact on Hair, Skin, and the Aging Process (click here to watch recorded webinar).  Click here for PDF of presentation.

Explaining the impact of the exposome (solar radiation, polution…) on human skin and hair, and its contribution to the skin aging process.


  • Definition of exposome & how it relates to cosmetics
  • Deleterious effects on skin and hair including: senescence, reactive skin, microbiota dysbiosis, alopecia, hair graying
  • Natural solutions from the marine, plant and microorganisms to protect the skin and hair from these effects



Mr. John Staton, Wednesday, 10 June, from Australia

Changes to ISO Sunscreen Standards (click here to watch recorded webinar)  Click here for PDF of presentation.

  • Overview:
    • Why update the ISO Sunscreen Standards?
    • What the New Standard Means to You.
    • Compatibility of ISO and FDA tests.

Dr. Nava Dayan, Wednesday 27 May, from the USA

The Skin Barrier, Viral and Bacterial Infections (click here to watch recorded webinar).

  • Overview:
    • Physical barrier of the skin
    • Non-physical barrier of the skin
    • Compromised barrier
    • Microbial pathogenicity
    • Insights into skin viral infections
    • Summary


Dr. Karl Lintner, Wednesday 13 May, from France

Peptides in Cosmetics (click here to watch recorded webinar).

  • Overview:
    • Peptide Basics
    • Biological Function
    • Use in Cosmetics
    • Skin Penetration
    • Safety and Regulatory aspects


Tony O’Lenick, Wednesday 29 April, from the USA

Minimally Disruptive Formulation for Skin Care (click here to watch recorded webinar)

  • Overview
    • Small “tweeks” can yield big changes
    • What’s Minimally Disruptive Formulation (MDF)?
    • Why MDF?
    • Factors to consider
    • Examples of MDF



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