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Johann Wiechers Award

The IFSCC Johann Wiechers Award consists of an amount of 3,000 Swiss Francs or its equivalent and is awarded to the presenter of the best podium presentation pertaining to either basic or applied cosmetic research at an IFSCC Conference.

This Award was first made in 2003 at the IFSCC Conference in Korea. It was set up to recognise the increasing scientific contribution made by the IFSCC Conferences and is for the Best Paper presented at the Conference.


In order to compete for this Award, applicants should submit their full text in English and indicate on their abstract submission from that they want to enter their work for the IFSCC Johann Wiechers Award. Papers and/or posters should be original. None of the authors are allowed to be a member of the Awards Committee. Failure to adhere to the timescales for submission of manuscripts set by the organising committee will result in exclusion from the competition. In the case of podium presentations, they should be presented in person by one of the authors of the paper. In the case of poster presentations, at least one of the authors of the poster should be registered as a full paying delegate for the Congress.

Obligation of the recipient

By accepting the IFSCC Johann Wiechers Award, the recipient agrees to submit their paper to both the IFSCC Magazine and the Journal of their local society for publication in the first issue following the Conference.

Johann Wiechers Award winners

In 2021 this award was announced at the IFSCC Virtual Cancún Conference and was presented at the IFSCC 2022 London Congress to Moe Tsutsumi from Shiseido (Japan) for her paper Skin Beauty with Gentle-touch-reception Merkel cells. Restore your sense with pleasant smell

In 2023 at the Barcelona Congress this award went to Takeshi Hara of Mandom Corporation (Japan) for his paper: Next-generation anti-perspirant technique: Controlling the contraction of human eccrine gland.

At the 2019 Conference in Milan the Award went to Kazuki Takagaki (Shiseido) for his paper Holistic Beauty – 3-dimensional Macroscopic Visualization Of Vasculature In Skin And Its Physical Relevance In Skin Aging

2019 winner Kazuki Takagaki

The 2017 Award in Seoul went to Kazuyuki Miyazawa (Shiseido Co) for his paper Development of a shield technology to keep off air pollutants – Contribution to healthcare through a biocompatible polymer

At the 2015 Conference in Zurich the Award went to Aya Sakata, Katsuhiro Abe, Koji Mizukoshi, Takamasa Gomi & Itsuko Okuda (POLA Chemical Industries Inc, Yokohama, Japan and International University of Health and Welfare, Mita Hospital, Tokyo, Japan) for their paper Breakthrough in Improving the Skin Sagging with Focusing on the Subcutaneous Tissue Structure, Retinacula cutis

The 2013 Award went to Mariko Egawa, Motohiro Yanai, Hidenobu Arimoto, Motofumi Hagihara, Kumiko Kikuchi, Yuji Masuda, Koichi Nakamura & Tetsuji Hirao (Shiseido Research Center and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan) for their paper Visualization of water distribution in facial skin using novel high-sensitivity water imaging systems and application to cosmetics evaluation