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Volume 11 No. 3 – September 2008

Date Published

30 Sep 2008


  • Water, Water Everywhere….?
    P.J. Matts (UK)
  • Detection and Identification of Free Radicals Generated by UV and Visible Light in Ex Vivo Human Skin
    L. Zastrow, N. Groth, F. Klein, D. Kockott, J. Lademann, L. Ferrero (Monaco)
  • Oat-Based Complex Stimulates Skin Barrier Protein Synthesis and Reduces Skin Aging
    F. Gafner, K. Schweikert, G. Dell’Acqua (Switzerland)
  • Matrix Proteins of the Papillary Dermis – Primary Targets of Intrinsic Dermal Aging?
    D. Boudier, V. Dubreuil, L. Marchand, N. Guichard, B. Closs (France)
  • First Skin-Physiological Tests in Weightlessness in the ISS Space Station
    H. Tronnier, M. Wiebusch, U. Heinrich (Germany)

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