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Volume 15 No. 3 – September 2012

Date Published

01 Sep 2012


  • Micro-Inflammatory Vicious Cycle: A New Target to Delay Skin Aging
    Philippe Moussou, Louis Danoux, Florence Henry (France)
  • New Delivery System for Fast Release of Cosmetic Actives from Fabrics to the Skin
    Josep-Lluís Viladot, Alfonso Fernández-Botello, Sandra Méndez, Núria Almiñana, Joan Cebrián, Raquel Delgado (Spain)
  • Penetration Studies of Active Model Substances from an O/W Emulsion – Influence of the Lipophilicity of the Formulation in Human Skin
    Leila Motlagh, Sabine Lange, Gabriele Polak, Volker Kalhoelfer, Alexandra Goebel,Johannes Wohlrab, Reinhard H.H. Neubert (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Toxicological Science: A Tool In Safety Assessment Of Cosmetic Ingredients
    D. Carvalho; J. Nunes; F.F. Nunes; M.B. Stevanato; B.T. Carvalho (Brasil)

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