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Volume 22 No. 4 – December 2019

Date Published

31 Jan 2020


  • The Human Skin Microbiome – A New Way to Beauty
    Yan Liu (China)
  • New Insights on the Role of Adipose Tissue Using 3D Scaffold-Free Organoids
    Francesca Rescigno, Marisa Meloni (Italy)
  • When Melanocytes Sense Blue Light: An Approach to Interfere with the Opsin-3 Pathway
    Imke Meyer, Céline Akpovi, Claire Regazzetti, Thierry Passeron (Germany, France)
  • Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Microplastics for Sensorial and Optical Applications in Cosmetics
    Khooshnoor Pandey, Sabrina Schuessler, Gabriele Witte, Gaëlle Béalle (Germany)
  • Patents in the Field of Cosmetics: Overview of the Interpretations of the European Patent Office
    Catherine Grosset-Fournier, Diane Ung (France)
  • Improvement in the Water-Holding Capacity of the Stratum Corneum by Sodium DI Tocopheryl-6-O-Phosphate
    Keita Shigeyama, Shintaro Ito, Chika Hisashi, Ikuyo Sakaguchi (Japan)
  • Development of Phytocosmetics Using Active Compounds from Colombian Fruit Pulps
    Glicerio León-Méndez (Colombia)

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