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Volume 11 No. 4 – December 2008

Date Published

31 Dec 2008


  • The contribution of Neurogenic Inflammation to Sensitive Skin: Concepts, Mechanisms and Cosmeceutical Intervention
    A. Ferrer-Montiel, M. Camprubi-Robles, N. Garcia-Sanz, A. Sempere, P. Valente, W. Van Den Nest, C. Carreno (Spain)
  • Specific Repair of Aging Hair Keratin
    E. Schulze zur Wiesche, T. Gassenmeier, D. Fischer, E. Poppe, P. Somfleth, K. Schaefer, A. Koerner (Germany)
  • Novel Retinol-Like Actives from Parrot Feathers
    L. Rigano, M. Picardo, E. Pini, R. Stradi, M. Melani, A. Bertelli, A. Benedusi, G. Giuliani (Italy)
  • The IFSCC in Its 50th Year – How Cosmetics have Changed over the Lifetime of the IFSCC and How They Might Look 50 Years from Now
    T. Weys (South Africa)

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