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Volume 25 No 4

Date Published

25 Nov 2022



  • A Brief Introduction to the Emergence of Holistic Sustainability
    Robert Lochhead (USA)
  • Holistic Sustainability
    Laurent Gilbert, Sanford Browne, Rachel Barre, Isabelle Rollat, Delphine Bouvier, Michel Philippe, Isabelle Castiel, Lucile Lafaurie, Ana Kljuic (France, USA)
  • Creating a ”Planet Positive“ Beauty and Personal Care Industry
    Paul Price, Henry King, Paul Jenkins, Colin Kerr, Mark Newman, Holly Nelson, Nathalie Paluszek, Christopher Fidge, Laurie Points, Carl Westmoreland, Samantha Samaras (UK, Switzerland, USA)
  • History and DNA with Sustainability and its Future
    Shihori Oyama, Yoshinori Kumasaka, Daisuke Aso, Mihoshi Yokoo, Nathalie Broussard (Japan)
  • The Art, Design and Science of Product Sustainability: A Brand Case Study
    Tim Kedwards, Camille Sasik, Cindy Angerhofer, Eva Thompson, Paul Scott, Rob DiPalma, Nicole Chang, Nicole Call, Jeff Eidenschink, Susan Morrissey (UK, USA)
  • Driving Holistic Progress for the Personal Care Industry toward Achieving the UN SDGs
    Rebecca Stiles, Bettina Jackwerth (Germany)
  • The Shape of Corporate Sustainability
    Audrey Wesson, Lisa Gandolfi (USA)
  • Towards a More Sustainable Future
    Marina Baum, K.T. Selvy, Mathilde Allegre, Raquel Delgado (USA)
  • Carbon Footprinting of Fragrances – Cradle To Gate
    Jonathan Warr, Romain Cazalet, Carine Detable (France)
  • Social Sustainability in Black Haircare
    Maliha N. Syed, Ali N. Syed, Jasmine Mathew (USA)
  • Case Studies in Sustainable Efforts
    Rosemary Larkin, K.C. Holley, Helen Knaggs (USA)

Abstracts of Papers published in the JSCCJ, Volume 56, No. 3, 2022

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