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Volume 19 No. 1 – March 2016

Date Published

31 Mar 2016


  • Evolutionary Psychology of Physical Attraction and the Role of Skin Condition in Perception of Beauty
    Bernhard Fink, Paul J. Matts (Germany, United Kingdom)
  • Skin Innervation for Epidermal Rejuvenation
    Christine Jeanmaire, Laurent Misery, Philippe Moser, Louis Danoux, Catherine Bonnaud-Rosaye, Philippe Moussou, Nicolas Lebonvallet (France)
  • When Consumer Testing Can Help To Create Brand Loyalty: The Hedonext Methodology
    Natalie Wantz, Eleonore Loescher, David Blumenthal, Germaine Gazano, Jean-Marc Sieffermann (France)
  • Cosmeceutical Property of a New Skin-Permeable Vitamin C Derivative – Trisodium Ascorbyl 6-Palmitate 2-Phosphate (APPS)
    Yuko Saeki, Risa Iguchi, Ryota Niibayashi Eiko Kato (Japan)
  • Safety Assessment Without Animal Testing: A Successful Example
    Kerstin Reisinger, Simone Hoffmann-Dorr, Winfried Steiling, Thomas Forster, Dirk Petersohn (Germany)

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