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Volume 20 No. 2 – June 2017

Date Published

30 Jun 2017


  • DNA Metabarcoding As a Tool to Trace Plants of Interest in Ingredients or Cosmetics
    N. Dubrulle, N. Giraud (France)
  • Reconstructed 3D Tissues for Efficacy and Safety Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients
    K. R. Mewes, G. Fuhrmann, G. Heinen, S. Hoffmann-Dorr, K. Reisinger, T.  Foster, D. Petersohn (Germany)
  • Biological Properties of Shiitake Extract Contribute to Reduction of Age-Related Changes in the Skin and Hair Condition and Fat Metabolism
    A. Chapelle, N. Hajem, A. Herlin, J.-M. Liu, M. C. Garcia-Alvarez, J.-C. Choulot, P. Ales, J. Wdzieczak-Bakala (France)
  • Olfactory Habituation in Perfumed Consumer Products and Anti-habituating Materials
    J. R. Cetti, Z. G. Dubois, V. Tzung-Hwei Hutchins, C. M. Readnour (USA)
  • Analytical Method for Determination of the Oil Absorption Number of Cosmetic Powders, Pigments and Pearlescent Pigments
    I. Hanno Ph.D., S. Beretta, C. Almasio, C. Crusco, M. Caputo, D. Smaldone, S. Bettinelli, G. Depta (Italy)
  • Collagen Xviii: A Key Interfacial Component of the Skin Architecture
    I. Bonnet, J. Lara, S. Cadau, N. Berthelemy, A. Pierrot, C. Tedeschi, V. Bardey, G. Fargier, D. Rival, C. Jeanmaire, C. Bonnaud-Rosaye, W. Chan, H. Zahouani, P. Rousselle, V. Andre-Frei (France, USA)

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