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Volume 18 No. 1 – March 2015

Date Published

31 Mar 2015


  • An microbial pepide human beta defensin‐3 (Hbd‐3) as a key factor in acne flare‐up during the premenstrual stage
    Haruka Goto and Hiiroshi Ohshima
  • Soft Matter Models of Tissues ‐ Wetting of Living Drops
    Francois Brochard-Wyart, Gregory Beaune and Nada Khalifat
  • A Global Approach to Assess Emotions in Cosmetics
    Christelle Pecher, Marie-Heloise Bardel, Severine Navarro & Danielle Mougin
  • Contribution of the cuticle to the stiffness of human hair: Significant or minor?
    Steven Breakspear, Akira Mamada, Takashi Itou, and Bernd Noecker
  • Physioxia and MicroRNAs As Key Factors in the Skin Microenvironment
    Mahdi Nadim, Shalina Hassanaly, Lydie Dubannet and Catherine Grillon

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