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Volume 14 No. 2 – June 2011

Date Published

30 Jun 2011


  • Anti-Aging Skin Care for Cutaneous Photoaging
    Satoshi Amano (Japan)
  • Characterization and Regulatory Mechanism of Bleomycin Hydrolase as a Natural Moisturing Facor-Generating Enzyme in Human Epidermis
    Toshihiko Hibino, Yayoi Kamata, Mami Yamamoto, Junko Nomura, Toshii Iida, Hidekazu Fukushima, Atsuhi Takeda (Japan)
  • New Discovery of Reversed Hexagonal (H2) Type Self-Assembly of Phytyl Chained Amphibilic Lipids/Water System – Hexosome: Beyond Vesicles and Liposomes
    Satory Hashimoto, Hitsho Masaki (Japan)
  • Stemness Recovery Complex Maintains Homeostasis and Protects Somatic Stem Cells of the Epidermis
    Isabelle Imbert, Jean-Marie Botto, Florian Labarrade, Celine Mayrignac, Alexia Leblue, Catherine Gondran, Claude Dal Farra, Nouha Domloge (France)
  • Lectin from Artocarpus heterophyllus Inhibit Melanosome Transfer for an Efficient Lightening Effect
    Carine Bezivin, Magali Borel, Jean-Pierre Arnaud (France)

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