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Volume 12 No. 4 – December 2009

Date Published

31 Dec 2009


  • Caffeine Microspheres – An Attractive Carrier for Optimum Skin Penetration
    S. Bourgeois, M.A. Bolzinger, J. Pelletier, J.P. Valour, S. Briancon (France)
  • Optoacoustics – Its Application in Photodermatology
    M. Meinhardt-Wollweber, R. Krebs, U. Heinrich, H. Tronnier, A. Anders-von Ahlften (Germany)
  • Development of a New Cosmetic Active for Safe Skin Brightening
    M. Mangues, C. Carreno, J. Cebrian, N. Alminana (Spain)
  • Elucidation of the Anti-Aging Effects of Ectoine Using cDNA Microarray Analysis and Signaling Pathway Evaluation
    S. Anzali, A. von Heydebreck, T. Herget (Germany)
  • Sun & Skin, Not Always Good Friends – How Cosmetics Improve Their Relationship
    A. Cousy (Australia)

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