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Volume 18 No. 3 – October 2015

Date Published

31 Oct 2015


  • Investigation of Consumers’ Hair Shine Perception by Eye Tracking Technology in Combination with Assessment of Physiological Body Reactions
    Wolf Eisfeld, Daniela Prinz, Bjorn Schroder, Jennifer Schmidt, Ralf Sturmer
  • Decorative Cosmetics: In Vivo Facial Measurement of Color Parameters, Even Skin Tone and Radiance
    Stephan Bielfeldt, Marianne Brandt, Nathalie Lunau, Matthias Seise, Gunja Springmann, Klaus-P. Wilhelm
  • Swertia chirata Extract Promotes Epidermal Regeneration through Stimulation of Paracrine Communication between Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and the Epidermis
    Carine Bezivin, Arlety Perolat, Estelle Loing
  • A Psychophysiological Approach to Substantiate Efficacy of Bath Additives
    Ralf Sturmer, Jurgen Blaak, Mareile Opwis, Jennifer Schmidt, Peter Staib, Rainer Wohlfart, Wolfram Boucsein
    Winner of the IFSCC Young Scientist Prize: From an Eco-Friendly To an Eco-Improving World of Cosmetic Science
    Chaikriangkrai Amata

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