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Volume 4 No. 2 – June 2001

Date Published

30 Jun 2001


– Eugenyl Glucoside as an Active Ingredient for Hair Re-Growth Agent: Release of Eugenol from Eugenyl Glucoside on Human Scalp and 5a-Reductase Inhibitory Effect
– The Age-Dependent Changes in Skin Condition in Japanese Females Living in Northern versus Southern Japan
– Polycation Substantivity to Hair during Shampoo Application, Foaming, and Rinsing
– GMP and Natural Active Ingredients: A Tracer Method for Analytical Determination in Finished Products
– Stress, Apoptosis and Ageing in Human Skin
– The Protective Function of Compatible Solute Ectoin on the Skin, Skin Cells and its Biomolecules with Respective to UV-Radiation, Immunosupression and Membrane Damage

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