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Volume 19 No. 3 – December 2016

Date Published

31 Dec 2016


  • Twists and Turns on the Road to Regulatory Acceptance: Non-Animal Test Methods for Skin Sensitization
    Annette Mehling, Robert Landsiedel (Germany)
  • An ex vivo Comparison of the Tensile-Strenthening Properties of Protein Derivatives on Damaged Hair
    Gabriela Daniels, Sherine Nicholson, Peter Grant-Ross, Slobodanka Tamburic (United Kingdom)
  • Strengthening the Hair Fiber from Within: Repairing the Cortex of Damaged Hair
    Emmanuel PJM Everaert, Diem Tran, Sheldon Zhang, Bert Kroon, Guojin Zhang, Bill Thompson, Robert L. McMullen (The Netherands, USA)
  • Targeting Key Enzymes of the Melanogenic Pathway with a Novel Lotus Ingredient
    Michael Koganov, Gopinathan Menon, Ashok Chakraborty, Olga Dueva-Koganov, Li Zhang, Artyom Duev (USA)


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