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Volume 13 No. 2 – June 2010

Date Published

30 Jun 2010


  • Elucidation of Menstrual Cycle-Related Discomfort in Everyday Life and Efficacy of a “Rescue Fragrance”
    Yoko Gozu, Mio Moriyama, Keiko Sakai, Shin-ichiro Haze (Japan)
  • Modulation of the Emotional Condition in Human Beings via Application of Emollients and Skincare Formulations: A Psycho-physiological Study
    Wolf Eisfeld, Daniela Prinz, Markus Dierker, Catherine Weichold, Ralf Sturmer, Florian Schaefer, Wolfram Boucsein (Germany)
  • Oxothiazolidine, a Skin Penetrating Active Ingredient Offering a New Approach to Photoaging Prevention
    L. Valenti, M. Frechet, P. Lafitte, J.-F. Nicholay (Monaco)
  • Advances in Hair Styling Technology for Clear Hair Gels
    Michael Philbin, Solomon Jacobson, Paul James, Stephanie Murphy, Crystal Priester, Norman Rackison (U.S.A.)
  • Novel Broad Spectrum Associative Thickeners Based on Phosophoric Acid Esters
    Peter Klug, Franz-Xaver Scherl, Dennis Miller (Germany)

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