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Volume 21 No. 1 – March 2018

Date Published

31 Mar 2018


  • The Sweat Gland as a Breakthrough Target for Anti-Aging Skin Care Discovery of a Novel Skin Aging Mechanism: “Dermal Cavitation”
    Tomonobu Ezure Ph.D., Satoshi Amano Ph.D., Kyoichi Matsuzaki MD (Japan)
  • Polymeric Barrier Films to Protect Skin from Air Pollutant
    Eeman, J. Garaud, P. Pretzer, N. Wautier, I. Van Reeth (Belgium, USA)
  • How Far Can We Predict Sensorial Feelings by Instrumental Modeling?
    Petra Huber, Annette Bongartz, Marie-Louise Cezanne, Nina Julius (Switzerland)
  • Genuine Plant Peptides: Efficient Clinical Skin Rejuvenation with Oligopeptides from Totipotent Plant Cell Cultures – Possible Growth Factor-like Effect with Vegetable-Derived Actives
    Expósito Ph. D, T. Ruiz, M. Perez, M. Mas, R. Vallecillo, A. Gallego Ph. D, S. Laplana (Spain
  • Development of a Shield Technique for Protection from Air Pollutants – Contribution to Quality of Life through a Protective Biocompatible Polymer
    Kazuyuki Miyazawa, Masayuki Kikuta, Tomoaki Terada, Tomohiro Fujimura, Kenji Noda, Kenichi Sakuma (Japan)

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