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Volume 9 No. 4 – December 2006

Date Published

31 Dec 2006


– Compatibility Testing In Vitro: A Comparison with In Vivo Patch Test Data
– Influencing the Equilibrium of the Cutaneous Ecosystem to Improve the Properties of Skin Prone to Acne
– A Novel Water-Repellent O/W Emulsion Using a New Water-Soluble Amphiphilic Polymer
– Supplementation with Nutritional Cartilage Extract Positively Influences Skin Hydration, Skin Barrier and Skin Structure: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study
– Photodegradation of Hair Different Ethnicity after 1 Year of Exposure to Natural Weathering in Arizona
– How cosmetic Science Can Contribute to the Improvement of Society

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