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Volume 23 No. 4 – December 2020

Date Published

31 Dec 2020


Papers in this edition of the IFSCC Magazine:

  • The World’s First 3D Bioprinted Immune Skin Model Suitable for Screening Drugs and Ingredients for Normal and Inflamed Skin
    Maxime Lègues, Clément Milet, Nico Forraz, Nicolas Berthelemy, Sabine Pain, Valerie Andre-Frei, Sebastien Cadau, Colin McGuckin (France)
  • Study of an Active-Ingredient Combination on a Baby Skin Equivalent Model
    Jinlong Zhang, Morgan Dos Santos, Miao Guo, Isabelle Lorthois, Zhou Zheng, Amelie Thepot, Yang Guo, Fan Yang (China, France)
  • African Hair: Exploring the Protective Effects of Natural Oils and Silicones
    Gabriela Daniels, Elizaveta Luneva, Slobodanka Tamburic (UK)
  • Prediction of Skin Aging by Autofluorescent Substances
    Wenjuan Zhang, Nan Lu, Jiao Son (China)
  • How to Gain Deeper Insights During an Application of an Unscented Emulsion for Sensitive Skin into Expressed Facial Emotions Based on Artificial Intelligence
    Patrice Bellon, Pascale Barlier, Olivia Darner, Virginie Fera (France)
  • New ex vivo Human Skin Model to Evaluate Air Pollution-induced Damage and its Prevention
    Michele Massironi, Martina Herrmann, Paolo Pertile, Imke Meyer (Italy, Germany)

    Abstracts of Papers published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Volume 42, No. 6, 2020

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