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Volume 23 No. 2 – August 2020

Date Published

31 Aug 2020



  • The Smart Salon Concept: Individualized Hair Care and Coloration Products Based on NIR / UV-Vis Hair Status Analysis, Consumer Consultation and a Smart Mixing Device in the Hair Salon
    Thomas Foerster, Georg Knuebel, Lucile Bonnin, Thomas Schroeder, Elisabeth Poppe, Matthias Schweinsberg, Jordan Katzarov, Behnam Khadem (Germany)
  • Innovative Natural Solution to Improve Pigmentation and Structural Quality of Gray Hair
    Laurie Verzeaux, Raoul Vyumvuhore, Laetitia Marchand, Sylvie Bordes, Elodie Aymard, Brigitte Closs (France)


  • A Novel in silico -Designed Peptide Acting on Both the Presynaptic and Postsynaptic Terminals of the Neuromuscular Junction
    Ariadna Grau-Campistany, Patricia Carulla, Arantxa Blázquez-Prunera, Ana García-Cerdeño, Isabel Devesa, Míriam Mateu, Silvia Pastor (Spain)
  • When a Microalgae Extract Reduces Skin Sensitivity and Boosts Positive Emotions of Consumers
    Marie Meunier, Amandine Scandolera, Emilie Chapuis, Shan Godbille, Audrey De Bizemont, Anne Humeau, Jerôme Sandré, Julia Brooks, Heather Carolan, Romain Reynaud (France, UK)


  • Patents in the Field of Cosmetics: Comparative Rights
    Catherine Grosset-Fournier, Diane Ung (France)

Abstracts of Papers published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Volume 42, Nos. 1-4, 2020

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