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Volume 14 No. 4 – December 2011

Date Published

31 Dec 2011


  • eGFP Fluorescent Recombinant Protein and Cell Penetrating Peptide-Tagged eGFP for Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredient Efficacy
    Melanie Mollet, Jessica Guglielmi, Mathilde Frechet, Jean-Francois Nichole (Monaco)
  • New Approaches for Collagen and Elastic Tissue to Improve Skin Firmness and Elasticity
    Gilles Pauly, Christine Jeanmaire, Louis Danous, Vincent Bardey, Olga Freis, Melanie Sabadotto, Andreas  Rathjens (France)
  • Side Effects of Cosmetics on Human Skin
    Nicole Gerlach, Mathilde Wiesbusch, Ulrike Heinrich, Nagen Tronnier (Germany)

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