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Volume 5 No. 2 – June 2002

Date Published

30 Jun 2002


– Testing the Discriminative Capacity of Compartmental Modeling for the Analysis of the In-Vivo Epidermal Water Content Changes Following Topical Application under Occlusion
– New Techniques to Capture Viscoelastic Changes in Hair Induced by Mechanical Stress
– Emollients and Emulsifiers Exert their Sensory Impact in Different Phases of the Sensory Evaluation Process by How Does One Demonstrate the Absence of Such an Influence?
– A Mixture of Magnesium and Calcium Salts Accelerates Skin Barrier Recovery and Improves Surfactant-Induced Dry Skin
– Design and Optimization of Antiperspirant Formulations Using the Artificial Neural Networks and Generic Algorithms

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