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Volume 21, No 2 – June 2018

Date Published

19 Jun 2018


  • Water Content of Human Stratum Corneum Measured in vivo by Terahertz Attenuated Total Relfection Spectroscopy: Influence of Moisturization
    Miho Morita, Mayumi Kanayama, Keiichiro Shirga, Tetsuhito Suzuki, Yuichi Ogawa (Japan)
  • A Dual in silico / in vitro Approach to Study Acne Pathophysiology: Development of New Bioengineered Models
    C. Capallere, L. Mur, C. Plaza, C. Meyrignac, N. Esselin, A. Lebleu, C. Serre, C. Gondran, K. Cucumel, J.M. Botto (France)
  • Hydrophilicity of the Substrate Surface undeer the Applied Sunscreen Layer Changes in vitro UV Protection Efficacies
    Kouichi Asakura, Akihiro Kuroda (Japan)
  • Hair Movement and Consumer Perception: The Effect of Care Regimens on the Dynamics of Hair
    G. Puccetti (USA)

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