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Volume 25 No 2

Date Published

21 Jun 2022


  • Characterization of Sunscreen Performance: Quo Vadis?
    Uli Osterwalder, Christian Surber (Switzerland)
  • Children and Sunscreen Use: Between Skin Cancer Prevention and Cosmetology
    Aurora De Marco, Paolo Romita, Francesca Ambrogio, Caterina Foti, Domenico Bonamonte (Italy)
  • A Review of Environmental Contamination and Potential Health Impacts on Aquatic Life from the Active Chemicals in Sunscreen Formulations
    Nial J. Wheate (Australia)
  • Controlling the Skin Permeation of Organic UV Filters in O/W Sun Protection Emulsions
    Ricardo Diez (USA)
  • Insights into Sunscreen UV Absorber Solubility from Theory and Experiment
    Bernd Herzog, Ansgar Schäfer, Myriam Sohn, Jochen Giesinger (Germany)
  • Stratum Corneum and Sensitive Skin
    Enzo Berardesca (USA)

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