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Volume 12 No. 3 – September 2009 – 50th Anniversary

Date Published

31 Dec 2009


  • 50 Years in Skin Biology: 50 Years of Stratum Corneum and Moisturization Research
    A.V. Rawlings
  • 50 Years in Skin Care: The Evolution of Skin Measurement Technology
    R.R. Wickett
  • 50 Years of Skin Delivery
    J.W. Wiechers
  • 50 Years in UV Protection: Sunscreens – Past and Present
    G. Greenoak
  • 50 Years in Hair Care: Advances in Hair Care
    J. Eason
  • 50 Years in Skin Cleansing: A Review of the Progress of Foaming Cleansing Products During the Last Fifty Years
    R. Diez
  • 50 Years in Make-Up: Suddenly, Last Century – How the World of Color Cosmetics changes in the Last 50 Years
    L. Rigano
  • 50 Years in Testing
    S.H. Perez Damonte
  • 50 Years in Emulsion Formulation: 50 Years and More of Cosmetic Emulsion Formulation
    M. Chandler
  • World Scientific and IFSCC Milestone
  • Interviews with Past Presidents
  • History of the IFSCC Member Societies

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