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Volume 12 No. 1 – March 2009

Date Published

31 Mar 2009


  • Development of a Water-Resistant and Detergent-Washable Powder Coated with a Stimuli-Responsive Polymer and its Application to Suncare Products
    T. Osawa. A. Sogabe, M. Shirao, S. Nishihama, I. Kaneda, S.-I. Yusa (Japan)
  • Assessment of Human Stratum Corneum Thickness and its Barrier Properties by In-vivo Confocal Raman  Spectroscoy
    S. Bielfeldt, V. Schoder, U. Ely, A. van der Pol, J. de Sterke, K.-P. Wilhelm (Germany)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Pseudopterosins by Laser Doppler Blood Flower Evaluation
    N. Dayan, G. Grove, R. Sivalenka (USA)
  • New Peptidic Active Ingredient to Reduce Discomfort and Painful Sensations in Sensitive Skin
    G. Pauly, P. Mousson, J.-L.  Contet-Audonneau, L. Danoux, O. Freis, M. Sabadotto, I. Benoit, and A. Rathjens (France)

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