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Volume 24 No 4

Date Published

28 Feb 2022


  • Moisturizing at a Molecular Level – The Basis of Corneocare
    Rainer Voegeli, Anthony V. Rawlings (Switzerland, UK)
  • Color’s Role in a Beauty World
    Patrizia Valsesia, Gaetano Distefano, Nella Galotto Galotto, Claudio Pirovano, Sara Bettinelli, Gabriele Depta (Italy)
  • Reinventing Hair Shaping: Creating “natural” wave shapes without oxidative damages
    Nicolas Marets, Elisa Caberlotto, Lucien Bildstein, Tomokata Michitsuji, Gregoire Naudin, Mariani Giacomo, Yoshiko Nakao, Nicolas Daubresse, Gregoire Rode, Natsumi Komure (Japan, France)
  • Improving Elasticity by Reversing Histone Modification Induced after UVA Damage
    Nicolas Pelletier, Veronique Degrave, Audrey Pierrot, Corinne Reymermier, Valérie Andre-Frei (France)
  • MeO-MBM: Protect Skin from UV induced-Damage and Prevent Signs of Inflammation While Improving the Skin Barrier
    Michael Termer, Anita Jaeger, Christophe Carola, Andrew Salazar, Cornelia Keck, Harald Kolmar, Joerg von Hagen (Germany)
  • Controlling Stress Response Mediators to Alleviate Psychoemotional Stress-Induced Hair Loss and Provide Wellness
    David Garandeau, Hanane Chajra, Remy Steinschneider, Elodie Gras,Delaunois Sandrine, Cécile Delluc, Kyung-Baeg Roh, Eunsun Jung, Mathilde Frechet (Republic of Korea, France)
  • A G-Quadruplex Aptamer Inhibiting MMP-9 in Human Keratinocytes and a 3D-Reconstructed Human Skin Model
    Robin Kurfurst, Olivier Jeanneton, Isabelle Lorthois, Amélie Thépot, Morgan Dos Santos (France)
  • Identification of Novel Markers for Skin Senescence Associated with the First Aging Peak of a Life Span
    Soyoun Lee, Hongyan An, Hang Woong Park, Jinhun Cho (China)
  • Effect of Blue Light on an Ex Vivo Human Skin Model – Evaluation of the Activity of L-Carnosine
    Massironi Michele, Girardi Cristina, Stuhlmann Dominik (Italy, Germany)

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