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Volume 11 No. 2 – June 2008

Date Published

30 Jun 2008


  • Design and Evaluation of a Photoprotective Compound Able to Release Taurine under Conditions of Oxidative Stress
    P. Lafitte, L. Valenti, L. Casciani, T. Hoarau, E. Lomonte, F. Maccario, J.-F. Nicolay (Monaco)
  • Exfoliation for Sensitive Skin with Neutralized Salicylic Acid?
    E. Merinville, A. Laloeuf, G. Moran, O. Jalby, A.V. Rawlings (Ireland)
  • Determination of the Feel of Hair after Cosmetic Treatment – Sensory and Objective Test Methods
    U. Assmus, P. Augustin, H. Hensen, P. Hoessel, G. Lang, H. Leidreiter, A. Markowetz, V. Martin, B. Noecker, E. Poppe. M. Pfaffernoschke, H. Schmidt-Lewerkuehne, E. Schulze-zur-Wiesche, A. Schwan-Jonczyk, J. Wood, F.-J. Wortmann (Germany)
  • Cuticular Damage to African-American Hair During Relaxer Treatments – A Microfluorometric and SEM Study
    S.B. Ruetsch, B. Yang, Y.K. Kamath (USA)
  • A Highly Sensitive Method to Determine the Washing Resistance of Artificial Hair Colors
    A. Schulze zur Wiesche, S. Erpenbach (Germany)

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