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Volume 16 No. 3 – September 2013

Date Published

01 Sep 2013


  • How Science Can Serve the Diversity of Beauty Needs
    Jacques Leclaire (France)
  • An Innovative, Rapid, Qualitative and Quantitative Approach to the Epi-dermal Barrier Function with In Vivo Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
    Anne Isabel Guzman, David Boudier, Josselin Breugnot, Delphine Rondeau, Maud Le Guillou, Brigitte Closs (France)
  • Development of a Powerful Tool for Investigation of the Structure and Functionality of the Aqueous Phase of Cosmetics
    Luigi Rigano, Giovanni Baratto, Alessandro Portolan, Alessandra Semenzato, Marisa Meloni, Adriana Bonfigli, Maurizio Sironi, Stefano Pieraccini, Nicola Lionette (Italy)
  • Multicompartmental Protection Against Toxic Glycation Late Products with a “Biobetter” Dipeptide
    Barbara Morand, Christelle Golebiewski, Jessica Guglielmi, Pascale Prouheze, Mélanie Mollet, Patrick Lafitte, Jean-Francois Nicolay, Mathilde Fréchet (Monaco)
  • A Histological Study Highlighting New Targets for Stretch Mark Correction
    Christine Jeanmaire, Solène Mine, Philippe Moser, Louis Danoux, Olga Freis, Andreas Rathjens (France)

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