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Volume 26 No 1

Date Published

15 Mar 2023


  • Tapping Into our Blood:
    Age-gender Associated Protein in Human Blood Plasma and its Potential Relevance in Skin Aging
    Florence, Masatoshi Haga, Yasunari Sato (Japan)
  • Revolutionizing Modern Skin Care with an Old Technology:
    Phage Therapy in the Age of the Skin Microbiome
    Paul Lawrence, Brianna Scacchi, Joseph Ceccoli (USA)
  • Facing the Future of Cosmetics:
    The First Mitochondria-Targeted Delivery System for Anti-Aging Treatments
    Natascia Grimaldi, Aimee Vasconcelos, Christian Bellacanzone, Jeremie Nestor, Albert Ginestà (Spain)
  • 3D-Innervated Epidermis Grown on a Microfluidic Chip
    Sebastien Cadau, Charlene Prier, Aurelie Batut, Louise Dubuisson, Mélanie Gleyzes, Delphine Debis, Jessica Rontard, Florian Larramendy, Thibault Honegger, Valérie Andre-Frei (France)
  • Linking Clinical Vascular Dark Circles Reduction to Laboratory In Vitro Modelization can be Achieved Using Vascularized 3D Bioprinted Skin Models
    Colin McGuckin, Mathilde Frechet, Maxime Lègues, Clement Milet, Christophe Gonindard, Alize Vialle, Romain Boisseau, Raphael Besseyre, Wendy Ferrier, Sandrine Delaunois, Nico Forraz, Hanane Chajra (France)
  • Cosmetics for Everyone Requires Testing for all Ages:
    Creation of 3D Bioprinted Old and Young Skin Models for Real Efficacy Testing
    Colin McGuckin, Maxime Lègues, Clement Milet, Virginie Fera, Florence Cassin, Elise Ponthier, Celine Laperdrix, Wendy Ferrier, Nico Forraz (France)
  • Investigation of Industrially Relevant Rheometer Geometries for Improved Scale-up of Lamellar Structured Liquids
    Grace E. Cunningham, Shreyasi Deshpande, Mark J.H. Simmons, Jonathan J. O’Sullivan (UK)
  • Understanding the Effects of Particle Size and Anisotropy on Microstructural and Rheological Properties of Suspoemulsions
    Nisa Ergin, Zuhal Sapan, M. Tumerkan Kesim, Ender Suvaci (Turkey)
  • Transcending the Limitation of Cosmetics:
    Ionic Liquids-inspired Novel Skin Penetration System as an Alternative to Medical Beauty Treatments
    Anna Okishima, Toru Okamoto, Tadao Fukuhara, Makoto Uyama, Reiji Miyahara, Tomoya Uchiyama (Japan)
  • Demonstrating Permeation of an Anti-Aging Peptide into the Stratum Corneum Using 3D OrbiSIMS
    Mark O‘Mahony, Stefanie Kern, Mohammed Khan, Mark Johnson, David Scurr, Mike Bell (UK)
  • Biodegradation of Exogenously Applied Silk Peptides by Stratum Corneum Cysteine Proteases
    Omoi Miyuki, Arai Yasuhiro, Inamura Kunihiko, Yamamoto Asuka, Kawasaki Tomomi, Hirao Tetsuji (Japan)

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