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Volume 25 No 3

Date Published

27 Oct 2022



Part I

  • Cosmetics at the Intersection of Global Interconnectivity and Sustainability
    Robert Lochhead (USA)
  • Creating a More Beautiful World
    Lezlee Westine (USA)
  • Tactical Approaches to Sustainability: Conversations from the Frontline
    Tom Branna (USA)
  • Seven Top Trends in Sustainable Cosmetics R&D
    Rachel Grabenhofer (USA)

Part II

  • Application of “Sponge Phase” – Road to Sustainable Formulation Concept “Less-is-More”
    Yuji Yamashita (Japan)
  • Advancement of Controlling Interfacial Properties in Connection with Holistic Sustainability
    Kazutami Sakamoto, Kenichi Sakai, Yuji Yamashita and Hideki Sakai (Japan)
  • What is Actual Sustainable General Surfactant? – One Solution; Bio-based Anionic Surfactant, Internal Olefin Sulfonate (IOS)
    Takaya Sakai (Japan)
  • Development of Human- and Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Amino Acid-based Personal Care Components
    Naoya Yamato (Japan)
  • Bringing the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to Life
    Dennis Abbeduto (USA)
  • Holistic Sustainability from the Perspective of an Ingredient Supplier
    Tony O’Lenick (USA)
  • Development and Functions of Sustainable Bio-sugar Ingredients Utilizing Microorganisms and Enzymes
    Kotaro Hashimoto, Masahiro Otao, Satomi Koya-Miyata, Yui Sunada, Yuki Mitsukawa, Shimpei Ushio, Jiro Kishimoto (Japan)

General Submission

  • Effect of an Herbal Extract on Autophagy in Human Dermal Papilla Cells and Fibroblasts
    Fang Huang, Lingshan Kong, Lidan Zhou, Yina Lu, Jun Tian, Xuemei Shi, Heng Zhang, Wei Xun, Qing Liu (China)
  • Image Analysis Method for Quantifying Skin Visual Smoothness, its Validation by the PRIMOS and its Applications to Age Effect and Treatment Efficacy Evaluation
    Di Qu (USA)

Abstracts of Papers published in the JSCCJ, Volume 56, No. 2, 2022

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