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Volume 12 No. 2 – June 2009

Date Published

30 Jun 2009


  • Epidermal Tight Junction: The Master Skin Barrier Regulator
    S. Kuroda, M. Kurasawa, K. Mizukoshi, T. Maeda, T. Yamamota, A. Oba, H. Sasaki (Japan)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Study of Hair Viscoelasticity and Softness
    T. Gao (USA)
  • Cell-Activating Effects of a Viniferin-Enriched Grapevine Extract
    O. Holtkotter, C. Jassoy, A. Bock, M. Waldmann-Laue, F. Janssen (Germany)
  • Sensitive Skin Syndrome in Portugal – A Concise (Social and Demographic) Characterization of the Portuguese Reality
    L.M. Rodrigues, L. Diogo (Portugal)

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