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Volume 15 No. 4 – December 2012

Date Published

01 Dec 2012


  • An Update on Bio Phyto Chemistry of Sub Saharan and South African Botanics
    Prof. Aubrey Parsons (South Africa)
  • In Vivo Analysis of the Interaction of Antioxidants and Free Radicals in Human Skin
    Jürgen Lademann, Martina C. Meinke, Sabine Schanzer, Stefan F. Haag, Leonhard Zastrow, Ruo-Xi Yu, Bich Na Lee, Maxim E. Darvin (Germany)
  • Development of Computational Models for the Risk Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients
    Soheila Anzali, Michael R. Berthold, Elena Fioravanzo, Daniel Neagu, Alexandre RR Péry, Andrew P. Worth, Chihae Yang, Mark T.D. Cronin, Andrea-Nicole Richarz (Germany, Italy, England, France, USA)
  • Performance of a Heavy Ester with the Comfort Properties of a Light Ester
    Bryan Moran, Gordon Hsu, Cary Sims, Anchuu Wu, Maria Fe Boo, Christina He (USA, China)
  • New Methods for Testing Skin Protection Against Noxae Using the Bovine Udder Skin (BUS)
    Katinka Jung, Wolfgang Pittermann, Marietta Seifert, Thomas Herrling (Germany)

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