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Volume 17 No. 3 – Sept 2014

Date Published

30 Sep 2014


  • Spectroscopic Analysis of Microstructure and Protein Degradation of Human Hair Caused by New Hair Straightening Systems
    Francini C. Picon, Viviane C. Albarici, Diogo Terci, Douglas Terci, Valeria Longo, Elson Longo, Adriano S. Pinheiro
  • Skin Youthfulness Index – A Novel Model Correlating Age with Objectively Measured Visual Parameters of Facial Skin
    Di Qu and Yulia Park
  • Preservation of Sympathetic Neuron-Adipocyte Crosstalk May Limit Chronic Emotional Stress-Mediated Fat Accumulation
    Pascale Prouheze, Barbara Morand, Jean-Francois Niicholy, Mathilde Frechet
  • Development of a Water-Based Long-Lasting Makeup: Dispersion of Hydrophobically Surface-Treated Pigments in an Oil-in-Water Emulsion
    E. Akiyama, Y. Yago, K. Fukuda
  • Restoration of Both Epithelial and Endothelial Perlecan / Dystroglycan Expressions by Polygonum bistorta induces Skin Rejuvenation
    Sabine Pain, Morgan Dos Santos, Amandine Gaydon, Aurelie Boher, Christelle Pecher, Nicholas Bechetoille, Patricia Rousselle, Valerie Andre
  • Balance of Cleaning Efficacy and Dental Hard Tissue Abrasive Wear: An In Vitro Study Assessing Toothpaste Effects Associated with Manual or Powered Toothbrushes
    Thomas Welss, Claudia Hundeiker and Thomas Forster

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