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Webinar to highlight post COVID market opportunities



Obviously the novel coronavirus has upended our world and industry. Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 24 February when Maite San Miguel will outline the many ways in which consumer demand has changed and present new opportunities for marketers.

You will learn:

  • Many changes due to COVID you probably did not know about
  • How online meetings have changed consumer demand
  • Which new products will last post-COVID
  • Online shopping – we’ve only just begun
  • The impact of COVID on long-term consumer demand

Maite’s expertise is acting as ‘translator’ between the emerging demands of consumers, chemists/formulators, and the marketing department. Join us for this insightful presentation and stay ahead of the curve.

Note This webinar is an updated version of the first IFSCC Spanish-language webinar given last summer. Even if you listened to that webinar, a lot has changed, so join us on 24 February for an update.

A long-term Member of both the Society of Cosmetic Chemits (USA-Canada) and the Sociedad Chilena de Químicos Cosméticos, Maite is a true ‘translator’ between customers and formulators. She is an expert at spotting emerging trends and working with clients and their formulators to meet new marketing opportunities. Maite covers the pharma and food industries globally in her role as Senior Sales Manager at Miyoshi America. Previously she worked at Lip Chemicals covering Latin America.

This event is free to IFSCC members