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UK SCS to publish ‘novice guide’ in 2020



The Society of Cosmetic Scientists is publishing a book, Discovering Cosmetic Science, in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry. The editors have paired an industry expert and a ‘novice’ to create a ‘Did you know?’ approach to cosmetic science – technology by technology, explaining ‘the science behind…’ everything from cleansing to safety. The chapters are designed to take the reader on a journey, with illustrations and text boxes where readers can either delve into the detail or learn some common facts about the sciences we use every day.

“It has been a great team effort,” said Steve Barton, one of the book’s editors, along with Allan Eastham, Amanda Isom, Denise McLaverty and Yi Ling Soong.

“Cosmetic science and the personal care industry are often misrepresented. This book will educate and inform the public and the wider science community about the sound science they are based on. In the process many positive aspects of cosmetic chemistry can be revealed, from creating colours, fragrances and sensorial formulations to understanding the important interactions of UV light with organic and inorganic absorbers and blending these for effective SPF sunscreens. Providing background material for education and as an accessible scientific title for the interested lay reader, this book shows chemistry in an everyday context based on the real world and dispelling the many myths.”

Discovering Cosmetic Science will be published later this year. We’ll share the date with you as soon as we can.