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Top 10 Posters from IFSCC 2021



Congratulations to the authors of our Top 10 Posters from the IFSCC 2021 Virtual Cancún Conference

Top 10 Posters in alphabetical order of title:

  • A novel technology for cosmetic transfer prevention
    Tomomi Suga L’ORÉAL (Japan)
  • A sustainable porous spherical particle with improved texture and high oil absorptivity
    Keiko Kobayashi DAICEL Corporation (Japan)
  • Development and characterization of a co-processed cosmetic excipient based on solid lipid nanoparticles and talc for makeup preparations
    Luis Serrano UNAM (México)
  • Effect of Blue light on ex vivo human skin model. Evaluation of the activity of L-Carnosine
    Michele Massironi Symrise Srl (Italy)
  • Effective Components of a new Variety of Sakura on Blue Light Filtration, Whitening and Repair
    Hsiao Tzu-Chih Juwenlee Cosmetics (China)
  • Identification of novel markers for skin senescence associated with 1st ageing peaks of life span
    Soyoun Lee New Life Cosmetics (Korea)
  • Inhibitory effect of the nano-capsule configured with hidrolyzed egg shell membrene and VCP-IS-2Na against melanogenesis
    Shota Suzuki Toyo Beauty Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Study of a G-quadruplex aptamer inhibiting MMP-9 on human keratinocytes and on 3D reconstructed human skin model
    Robin Kurfürst LVMH RECHERCHE (France)
  • To overcome insufficient sleep – Screening of plant extracts that reinforce the effect of growth hormone in dermal fibroblasts
    Hiroyasu Iwahashi Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co (Japan)
  • Visible facial pores: new insights for their assessment and tightening treatment
    Lionel Valenti Exsymol (Monaco)