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Skincare Technology for Working Women – Webinar 4 or 5 October depending where you are



After a short break for the Congress we are back with an exciting webinar live from Japan. Etsuko Watarai (Kao Corp) will review the latest in skin care technology that can improve the appearance of the skin surface, with Guest Scientist Dr Tomoko Sekine (Shiseido), our new IFSCC Chair of Science.
All registrants will receive a follow-up email with a recording of the webinar, so do register even if you can’t watch the webinar live.



​Tuesday 4 October
West Coast US 17h • Mexico City / Chicago / Bogota 19h • East Coast US 20h • Sao Paolo 21h
Wednesday 5 October
UK 1h • Central Europe/J’burg 2h • Tel Aviv 3h • New Delhi 5h30 • Singapore / HK / China / Taipei 8h • Japan / Korea 9h • Melbourne 11h • Wellington 13h

Etsuko Watarai received a bachelor degree and a masters in Bio-materials Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 2006 and 2008, respectively. After graduating she joined in Kao Corporation and was in charge of the make-up products research laboratory where she was a formulator for 7 years. At that time she investigated the mechanism of make-up Deterioration due to Facial Movement. She then moved to the skincare products research laboratory and studied lamellar/polymer composite for 5 years. Etsuko’s current research interests are development and evaluation of polymer membrane that can be used in product design.