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Silver & Gold Benefactors earn subsidies for educational events



All IFSCC Silver and Gold Benefactors receive a ‘Benefactor Subsidy’ of CHF 1,000 (for Silver) and CHF 2,000 (for Gold) to apply towards educational events. IFSCC Public Relations Chair Simon Chan pools these subsidies to provide seminars in China by international experts. Former Chanel USA scientist Randy Johnson delivered five days of in-depth technical discussions and seminars in July, while in mid-September Fred Zulli of Mibelle Group Biocheimistry and Karl Lintner of consulting firm KAL’IDEES will conduct 2-day courses both in Guangzhou and Shanghai under the arrangement of IFSCC Benefactors Academy.


Randy Johnson visited five IFSCC Benefactors, including Ridgepole (left) and SH Premium (right), to give seminars during his trip to China in July 

After representing the IFSCC at the Asian Society of Cosmetic Scientsists Conference in Hong Kong, Secretary General Mary Lynn Halland travelled to nearby Guangzhou to meet with Benefactors. Many thanks to our Benefactors for giving her such a warm welcome.