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SFC symposium to focus on ‘Skin and Receptors’ – call for papers



The SFC Science & Technology Commission and the members of the Board have announced that the next SFC International Symposium will be held from 6-7 December 2022 at the Porte de Champerret in Paris. The theme is ‘Skin and Receptors’ and the SFC is inviting speakers to submit proposals (title and short abstract) to before 31 August.

Topics will focus on:

  • Identification, localization and mechanisms of action of skin receptors
  • The role of receptors in major cosmetic issues (anti-aging, hydration, sensitive skin, sun protection, anti-pollution, chronobiology etc)
  • Receptor’s interest in sensoriality (texture, hot/cold effects) and neuro-cosmetic (neurotransmitters, growth factors)
  • The ingredient-receptor link for cosmetic development

SFC says that as every year the symposium will combine research work with more industrial interventions.

Any conference proposed by raw materials or tests suppliers will be linked to sponsorship. to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.