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Reformed Polish Society to join IFSCC



Poland has reformed its cosmetic science society and will be applying to rejoin the IFSCC as the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists (PSCS). The former society was the Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

On 28 April 2021 a founding meeting was held led by Prof Jacek Arct, described as the doyen of Polish. During the founding meeting, PSCS appointments were made to the management board and the audit committee for the first term of office. The new Board includes Prof Jacek Arct, Anastazja Adamska, Dr Katarzyna Pytkowska, Dr Anna Oborska and Agnieszka Sobkowiak. The Management Board selected Dr Anna Oborska as President. Members of the audit committee are Dr Joanna Główczyk-Zubek, Dr. Piotr Nowaczyk, Prof. Tomasz Wasilewski.

L-R: Dr Anna Oborska, Dr Katarzyna Pytkowska, Prof Jacek Arct

Dr Oborska said: “By establishing the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists, we share the joy of returning to the best traditions of the Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists and we invite all its former members. We also invite people who have not been related to us so far. We have a great enthusiasm for action and many plans. We will apply to join IFSCC and certainly start with educational events.”