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Redefining the Skin Type: Microbiome-based Segmentation for Efficient Product Development and Personalization – Webinar 17 January



Our first webinar of 2024 brings you a Top 10 Basic Award podium presentation from the 2023 Barcelona Congress. Dr Elsa Jungman of HelloBiome will teach you how to create innovative segmentation of skin profiles based on microbiome data, moving beyond the classic dry, oily and combination categories for personalization and product development. You’ll also learn how levels of C. acnes and C. kroppenstedtii impact the diagnosis of skin conditions and explore the intriguing link between microbiome diversity and age.


Wednesday 17 January 8h West Coast USA • 10h Mexico City • Chicago • 11h East Coast USA • Bogotá • 13h Sao Paolo • 16h London • 17h Central Europe / West Africa • 18h Tel Aviv / South Africa • 9h30 New Delhi • 0h Singapore / HK / China / Taipei
Thursday 14 December
1h Korea / Japan • 3h Melbourne • 5h Wellington

Dr Elsa Jungman
has made significant contributions to skin health and microbiome research. Holding a PhD in skin barrier function, she has worked with companies such as L’Oréal and the probiotic startup AOBiome. Her recognition of the widespread issue of sensitive skin among women inspired her to develop skincare solutions focused on the microbiome and to start her own company. In late 2020, she launched her pioneering microbiome-friendly skincare line, followed by a unique direct-to-consumer microbiome test kit available in retail outlets. By 2022 Dr Jungman had introduced HelloBiome, a B2B AI platform that utilizes microbiome data for personal care innovation, clinical research and personalization. She received the French-American Entrepreneurship Award and is C0-Editor of the fifth edition of the Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology.