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Records, growth and development in Singapore



The Society of Cosmetic Scientists Singapore (SCSS) held some hugely successful events last year and is looking forward to more of the same in 2020.

In March 2019 the 6th edition of The Science Behind Asian Cosmetics for cosmetic industry presented a diverse range of cosmetic knowledge and market trends. The 2-day programme comprised of two sessions and included a great mixture of content on natural and minimalist ingredients for cosmetic formulations as well as a hugely popular workshop where delegates learnt how simple label cosmetic products could be formulated by using new & innovative ingredients and techniques.

SCSS’s 10th Suppliers Day in August attracted a record 442 attendees. To commemorate this anniversary a 2-day event was organised, which included a private tour to Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS) on day 1 with exhibition and podium sessions on day 2.

SCSS Hon Advisor Philip Jacobs & President Nobuaki Matsuoka celebrate 10 years of SCSS Suppliers Day

SCSS President Nobuaki Matsuoka addressed the opening ceremony on day 2, putting the key focus on the organisation’s past successful events and future directions. A token of appreciation was presented to SCSS Honorary Advisor Philip Jacobs for his enduring commitment.

In November the Society held a special edition scientific symposium celebrating 15 years of promoting advancement in cosmetic science. The half-day event featured key speakers from J&J, Shiseido and P&G who shared their research findings with 64 delegates, another record attendance for the SCSS. This was a highly interactive event and President Nobuaki Matsuoka thanked everyone for their open and honest scientific discussions.

SCSS President Nobuaki Matsuoka said: “We have stepped up to promote the advancement of cosmetic science towards its members’ professional growth and development as well as having started to create end-to-end technical eco-system across organisations (from academia to manufacture/from global giant prayer to SME/connection with other societies, such as SCCJ) around Singapore to grow our cosmetic industry overall upon our SCSS vision”.

2020 SCSS events

19-20 March 2020
SCSS The Science Behind Asian Cosmetics Technical Conference/Formulation Lab.
Workshop – ‘Innovate Beauty through Senses & Emotion’

27-28 August 2020
SCSS 11th Scientific Symposium & Suppliers Day